Friday, July 31, 2009

Heirloom Party

Marie , at Emma Calls Me Mama, is hosting a Heirloom
Party - you should stop by her blog for a visit:)

By nature, I am a "keeper". So, my children will probably have a lot of heirlooms:)
One thing that I would love to pass down to my kids is this leather settee. It didn't have any sentimental value to me until we took our family pictures on it last Christmas. Now, I would like to keep it forever:) Who knows, maybe this settee will be a reoccurring backdrop for many pictures to come....our next baby, bridal pictures, grandchildren.....
The other thing that I want to give to my children are these red and white dishes. My collection isn't very extensive, but because these dishes are timeless, I think my children will easily be able to add to the collection for years to come.
I love these dishes from my mom's mom. I am not sure how old these dishes are, but I love the vintage look of these dishes. My mom came from a family of 13 kids. These dishes were their "everyday dishes". Can you imagine the many meals these dishes held? I truly cherish these dishes.
Another item that I hold dear to my heart is this gold mirror. This mirror belonged to my Grandma Elsie. My Grandma loved this mirror and so do I.

I feel so blessed to have heirlooms from my family in my home.


  1. The dishes and the mirror are lovely. I can imagine how much you'd love to have the settee! Thanks so much for sharing your things with us.

  2. I love that mirror too and in fact all the heirlooms you shared ;)


  3. Such lovely treasures. Thanks for sharing!

  4. i'm drooling over that gorgeous leather settee :)

  5. Hello Lea - thank you for joining the party! You have some very special pieces. I love that leather settee. What a cute photo that is of your kids sitting on it! The red and white dishes are beautiful. They look lovely displayed in your gorgeous hutch! I like those blue dishes too. The scroll-y detail is so pretty (I love that hutch also!). And Gramma Elsie's gold mirror is gorgeous!