Thursday, June 17, 2010

Before and After Pics

These are some of my favorite transformations. It just goes to show you that almost any piece of furniture has possibilities:) Enjoy...

These chairs are my kitchen chairs. They were given to me, and just needed a little TLC.

This dresser is probably the most dramatic change...what do you think?
My mom found these chairs at a local thrift shop. I love the carving on the back. These are in my dining room. This peach paint color and the tropical fabric reminds me so much of the Golden Girls for some reason:)

This buffet was pretty cute before, but I think the white is much better:)

Let me encourage you...if you have a piece of furniture that you don't like... try to paint it. If you don't like it any can't really mess it up. Am I right?! haha

Monday, June 14, 2010


Ok, so I am finally posting again...I has been FOREVER!! We have had a lot going on:)

*The Scarlet Sashes Boutique Sale was a HIT!!! We sold almost everything. I have had to slow down, and I am just doing a few pieces here and there. After Sutton is born I will take an extended break...not sure how long:) But...I will be back to painting on a regular basis before long.

*Levi "Sutton" Wethington is due in about 8 weeks. We are getting so excited to meet him. Children are such a blessing from the Lord. I feel so honored to be a mother.

*Speaking of children now have a pet. A cat:) We have had the cat for months now, and many of my friends ask me if she is still here...YES SHE IS!!! It is shocking to me that we have a cat...never been a "cat lover".
She showed up in our back yard one day and the rest is history. Eva named her Pretty Pretty. And, she is a very sweet cat considering the abuse she takes from my children and their friends. The kids are always wanting to hold Pretty Pretty, or dance with Pretty Pretty, or "swing" Pretty Pretty...poor cat.

Eva was so happy to have Pretty Pretty that for days she would draw pictures of her. This is one of my favorites.

* My mom came down a couple of weeks ago and we painted EVERYTHING in the boy's room. I hadn't done anything to this room since we moved in over 2 years ago. The previous home owners had white walls and all the built-ins were their original pecan stain. I am really thankful for how it has turned out.
I kept the same bedding I used for Cooper, I just make a burlap bed skirt.
My mom is making some burlap pillows for the bed and I am making a burlap bed skirt so it will match the crib.

We painted all the built-ins black. I still have to distress them and add new hardware. I never liked the built-ins before, but now that they are black I really like them. The vanity looked a little to feminine so my mom built two shelves to hold my baskets. I think it looks more like a "changing table" now instead of a vanity.
People are always asking me how I get projects done with the kids around. As you can see in the picture below of me sewing...they are always helping:) Oh...they make me laugh!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

It's a BOY!!

Well, we found out last week that we are having another little boy! We will name him Sutton. Uncertain of a middle name.

Eva was a little sad. She wanted a sister. Really, she just wanted a girl so she could dress her and put bows in her hair. So...we told her we would buy her a new doll:) For now, this seems to be making her very,very happy.

I have been feeling so much better!! Starting to want to "create" again. Since I haven't been able to get in my paint booth...because my garage is once again FULL of furniture, I painted a couple of canvases for some friends who are also both pregnant with boys. Painting for me, is always such a fun "outlet".

Hope you all are having a wonderful Friday!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow Days

Snow in Dallas/Fort Worth?? Yes!!!
We loved it.

I thought our street looked so pretty. Now that it is melting away...I already miss it:(
If you live in the area, I hope you all loved our record-breaking snow days too.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Big News!!

We wanted to share our big news with all of you - Baby #3 will be here in August:) We are so very excited. I am almost 12 weeks along, and everyday I seem to be getting better.

Eva was hoping for a boy and a girl, but after my doctor's appointment we found out that there is only 1 baby. She likes the name Ava, but I don't think we will have an Eva and Ava in the same house. She also asks me regularly if I am going to have the baby tomorrow. No doubt, she will be a great help and she already is a great big sister.

Big Sister Eva Ryan - 4 yrs
Big Brother Joseph "Cooper"- almost 2