Monday, February 7, 2011

My Painted House - The Master Bedroom

Many of you know that my mom and I paint furniture as a little side business. We don't paint as many pieces as we would like because we are usually working on projects around my house:) I thought it would be fun to see how many pieces of painted furniture I have in my house. So, welcome to MY PAINTED HOUSE.

My master bedroom: 5 pieces (maybe 6 if I can talk Jeremy into letting me paint our bed)

#1- Jeremy's nightstand

#2 - My nightstand.

#3 - Our chest of drawers.

#4 - Our desk chair.

#5 - The blue china hutch.
Do you have some pieces of furniture that don't match? Just try to paint them! *** To be safe, paint them all the same color. And, I would probably paint them a "safe" color like cream, black or white. ***Any neutral color that you will be happy with for a longer time period will work. It doesn't have to be limited to those three. ***If you are like me, and prefer color in a room, I would suggest painting only one piece a fun color. This way, if you ever want to change out the colors in your room you only have to change one piece instead of re-doing the entire room:) I know it sounds simple, but it is always nice to plan ahead and see the big picture.

Friday, February 4, 2011

I LOVE My Family

Ok, so here is the deal - I love to decorate for the holidays. But, I am one of those people who need to simplify my life as much as possible. Many of you can probably relate:)

I can't get a new wreath for every holiday. Although I wish I could.

I can't have 10 different totes in my attic for each holiday. Although I wish I could.

But, I CAN still have fun decorating ,and I CAN do it for cheap,cheap, cheap.
I CAN also do it fast, fast, fast.
And the decor CAN be easy,easy, easy to clean up.

All the while...I WILL still be loving to decorate for the holidays.

Here is my LOVE tree. I plan on using it for holidays, birthdays, baby showers - or any special day:) These branches are so cute with those tissue paper pom-poms on them.
Eva made and cut out all the hearts. I just stuck a scrap book sticker on them for each family member. It took literally 5 minutes of my time to decorate, and it will take even less time to take the hearts off. Storage will be a breeze...I'll probably throw them in the trash!haha

I love my sweet hearts. Take time this Valentines Day to tell your family how much you LOVE them. God is so good!

Hello Again

Hello 2011!! As always, in the new year I try to set goals. One of my goals is to be a better blogger:) I really, really want to inspire people to love their homes.

My new blog motto is going to be "JUST TRY IT". Thinking of rearranging,painting a room or painting a piece of furniture? Just try it!!

Recently, I wanted some cool wall-paper in my entry. However, I had no cash-ol-a for wall paper. This is what my entry looked like...BORING!!!
So, my mom had a great idea. After many hours of math, measuring, and painting (and $0 because I already had black paint) here is my new entry way.

I think it is a lot more fun. I still need to change out my family pictures and figure out what I want on my red dresser, but otherwise I am happy with it.

I wish I could hear you so we could say it in unison..."Just try it!"

What is the worse thing that will happen if you don't like it? New nail hole in the wall? Re-paint a room? Re-paint a piece of furniture? A little extra work to move the piece of furniture back to the spot it was to begin with? Big deal. Cause if you love it the 1st, 2nd or 10th try, then you've accomplished what you set you to do - YOU LOVE IT. Or at least like it way better than you did before.