Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Kitchen Redo....kinda

The previous home owners had painted all the cabinets a almond color...not white to match the appliances, or cream to match the trim. Instead, almond...that matches nothing.

They also put in all the new tile on the floor and back splash - neither I would have picked. Ah...the joys of buying an existing home. We knew when we moved in that one day we would hopefully "gut" the kitchen and start over. That day seems further and further away as we choose to do other home projects. It seems we always come back to "the kitchen isn't that bad".I mean, not that bad if you love the box florescent light:) But seriously, I needed something to change. This kitchen was just really bothering me. My problem was that I had cream trim, almond cabinets, busy tile and mismatched appliances that don't match anything. There was too much going on. Not to mention my green table and toile curtains. Busy, Busy.
So, with Mr. Budget stepping in to ruin my dreams of a white and airy custom kitchen with dark wood floors, I had to see what some paint could do.
Ta da....I removed the doors from the hutch and painted it black. I used all existing baskets and decor. The baskets work great for extra storage.
And...did anyone notice? I painted the tile! Yep, I painted the tile. And, I have to say I am SO much happier with it. Granted, it is no subway tile, but not bad for $10 worth of paint.

I also traded the toile curtains for some plain cream ones. The previous home owners had this cubby in the cabinets that they used for their trash can. We built this simple shelf and I now store my mixer beneath. I use the basket for bread and left over baked goods. It really helps reduce the junk on my cabinet.

And, finally I painted my table black. I loved the green, and hated to paint over it, but I was trying to unify the table and hutch. I also removed most of the decor from my walls. Simplify. Simplify. My new motto:)

I am no organizational expert. But, I can tell you, these simple changes make my kitchen look so much cleaner. I really feel like paint helped simplify my kitchen.

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