Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Super Cooper

I LOVE decorating for parties. I know kids' ideas of decorated is so much different from adults. If Eva had her dream party it would be a pinata and a Barbie birthday cake. So, since the decorating is really more for me (if I am honest), I always try to do it on a budget.

For Cooper's third birthday we had a Super Cooper birthday party. I was so happy to find tons of ideas on line! Including lots of FREE stuff!!

I found a free mask pattern and cape pattern on line. I made it out of felt that I found at Hobby Lobby. It was SUPER cheap. So this took a little time. But it was worth it. Even if you don't sew, you can make this too!! Since felt doesn't ravel, you don't have to sew edges...just cut it out. Then use some of that handy dandy iron on tape to attach the letter to the back. You can use velcro for the front closure.
I used a cardboard tri-fold board for the city scape. I found mine at JoAnn's and it was $4 (without a coupon). This was another idea I borrowed from someone else. I wish I would have made note of all the websites I found ideas from....but I didn't:(
There is also a few few sites with free super hero printables. I used them for cupcake toppers.
I found these super hero shirts at Old Navy. They have them in all sizes, for the whole family:)
These super hero plates and napkins were on clearance at Target. Gotta love that! I borrowed some serving dishes from a friend. Gotta love that too!:)
More free printables and, I found spider man fruit snacks at Walmart.
Coop's party was SUPER fun:)

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