Thursday, September 10, 2009

Living Room Update

Does anyone think it is hard to find their decorating "style"?

I do.

I know I love toile, florals, and animal prints. I know I always seem to gravitate towards reds and browns and blacks. I know I love furniture that looks "lived in".

I know that decorating a home takes time...sometimes even years. I know some people will eventually get their home decorated just the way they like it. I don't think I ever will. I seem to always want to try something new...move a piece of furniture to a different room....hang a picture on a new wall. Any friend of mine knows how true this is.
Case in point: I recently rearranged my living room. And...if you remember in a previous post, I had 7 lamps in the living room. Well, I now have 2!! Aren't you shocked?! I can hardly believe it myself. This week I like the arrangement. I'm sure if you check back next week, something will be different.
My new inspiration is designer Heather Chadduck. I wish she had a blog, a mailing address, or a contact number:) I wish she was my friend or neighbor. I love Heather Chadduck. Anyway, I have recently been asking myself..."what would Heather do?". So far I haven't heard a response.
So, until Heather comes to visit and helps me decorate my house, I guess I will just keep trying to "find my style". I will keep moving furniture all over my house. I will put new nail holes in my walls, I will probably paint another table black, and probably add a few more lamps back into my living room.

Oh Heather if only you would come help me - if you did, I promise I wouldn't move a thing...until you left:)

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  1. Hello! So I stumbled upon your blog through Stacy's blog and are totally a decorator! I was looking at all your pics and loved your stuff. Then I figured out it was you!! :)

    It was so fun "discovering" ourselves together over dinner a couple of weeks ago! ;) Look forward to getting to know you better!