Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kelsi @ 1210 : Master Bedroom

Take a look at Kelsi's bedroom - I love how it turned out.

Unfortunately for most of us, the master bedroom is the room that gets neglected - piled with laundry on the bed and the door shut. We concentrate on the rest of the house because it is what most people see. Or is it just me?!

When Kelsi moved into her new house she wanted to make her master bedroom a priority. Good girl...what an example to us all.
I love the shape and fabric on these chairs - what personality.
I painted this armoire - another Craig's list find. (I was trying to improve my picture taking skills - which explains the crooked picture :( - I am NOT a photographer)
A tour of Kelsi's dining room will be next!!!

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  1. Hi Lea!

    Wow! What a great color palette! I ADORE that armoire too. Those distressed edges are to die for!