Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Big News!!

We wanted to share our big news with all of you - Baby #3 will be here in August:) We are so very excited. I am almost 12 weeks along, and everyday I seem to be getting better.

Eva was hoping for a boy and a girl, but after my doctor's appointment we found out that there is only 1 baby. She likes the name Ava, but I don't think we will have an Eva and Ava in the same house. She also asks me regularly if I am going to have the baby tomorrow. No doubt, she will be a great help and she already is a great big sister.

Big Sister Eva Ryan - 4 yrs
Big Brother Joseph "Cooper"- almost 2

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  1. I'm just SOOO excited for you guys! Eva and Cooper are going to love their new baby brother/sister! Looking forward to seeing you soon!!