Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lisa @ 3000 ; Home Tour

Ok, so I was going thru my photos and realized that I never let you see the rest of Lisa's amazing house. Lisa is the "Queen" of her home - she and her husband have 4 boys. Every time I see a crown (with many jewels in it), I think of Lisa.

I love the feminine touch everything in Lisa's house seems to have. She has mixed the "manly" blues and browns with beautiful florals. Who says you can't have beautiful, breakable things in a house full of boys?:)These kitchen chairs are amazing! Doesn't it make you want to paint a chair turquoise?
Smart idea: I love how Lisa used two of her extra kitchen chairs in her living room. Who doesn't need extra seating?
I wish I had a better picture of this. Can you see that the table is a rustic pine table surrounded by those awesome turquoise chairs.
I sooooo want to copy this idea if I ever get bar stools:)

This plate rack was painted black and in her dining room. Don't you love how she re-purposed it? It looks like Lisa found the perfect spot for it.
This is the entry piece. I am drooling....

I love, love, love Lisa's house. I can't tell you how many times I have looked at these pictures for ideas. Lisa's home is a great reflection of herself...just beautiful. Thanks Lisa for letting us look!

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