Monday, February 7, 2011

My Painted House - The Master Bedroom

Many of you know that my mom and I paint furniture as a little side business. We don't paint as many pieces as we would like because we are usually working on projects around my house:) I thought it would be fun to see how many pieces of painted furniture I have in my house. So, welcome to MY PAINTED HOUSE.

My master bedroom: 5 pieces (maybe 6 if I can talk Jeremy into letting me paint our bed)

#1- Jeremy's nightstand

#2 - My nightstand.

#3 - Our chest of drawers.

#4 - Our desk chair.

#5 - The blue china hutch.
Do you have some pieces of furniture that don't match? Just try to paint them! *** To be safe, paint them all the same color. And, I would probably paint them a "safe" color like cream, black or white. ***Any neutral color that you will be happy with for a longer time period will work. It doesn't have to be limited to those three. ***If you are like me, and prefer color in a room, I would suggest painting only one piece a fun color. This way, if you ever want to change out the colors in your room you only have to change one piece instead of re-doing the entire room:) I know it sounds simple, but it is always nice to plan ahead and see the big picture.

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