Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Say Cheese!

I love my sweet little kids. Since I don't post on our family blog much (almost never), I decided to share some of our family pics with all of you. Here is little Cooper coloring with markers and eating the tips off of markers:)
me:"Cooper, say cheese!"
Cooper: "cheese" (or some sound that sounds nothing like cheese)
me:"Good job! Oh man, the picture is blurry."
me:"Cooper, say chee-eee-eese!"
Cooper: "Cheese" (or a totally different sound that still sounds nothing like cheese)
me:"Oh...so cute!"
me:"Cooper, say cheese"
Cooper: no words this time, just the look:)

game over.


  1. he looks EXACTLY like Eva in these pics...so cute! We miss y'all.

  2. Hilarious!! That's the "mama, I'm totally done so cool it!" look that is near and dear to my heart:) I get this often, and it makes me laugh every time! He is absolutely adorable!!