Monday, June 22, 2009

Stephanie @ 1601 : Hawkin's Room

Another Home Tour! Welcome to Stephanie's home. Let me give you some background on Stephanie...

We have known each other since 1995.
She and I had our first apartment together. We had a black "pleather" couch that we would stick to when we took naps.
We once tried to build something out of old wood pickets. We were so excited to actually hit the nail with the hammer that we didn't realize we were nailing everything to the floor:( oops... have come a long way.

Today you get a tour of her son Hawkin's cowboy room. Check out the rustic little man chair....I WANT this chair!!!
Stephanie's dad built the headboard and Stephanie painted the dresser. I love the little boot lamp and the big star on the wall.
Check out the cute sign above the bed. And, I LOVE this bedding.

Too bad that wood picket project didn't work out...she could have totally used in this room!haha

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